Jordan & Jessie | Proposal at Ned Kelly's

A very secret mission that involved the help of a few of my photographer friends.

Jordan contacted me with his idea to surprise Jessie, by proposing at the very spot of their first date: Ned Kelly’s. They even sat at the VERY table they had their first date. The fun part? He didn’t want Jessie to know it was happen OR that I was there to photograph it all. It was planned for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Jordan and Jessie would arrive, hang out for a little bit. Then Jordan would sneak off to the “restroom” to send me a text to confirm I was setup and ready to go. He would then go back, play their song, and ask Jessie to dance with him and that is where he would get down on one knee to ask her to marry him!

Well it being early in the evening on a Wednesday, I knew the bar wouldn’t be that full and I really wanted to blend in so I enrolled the help of a few of my photographer friends the crazy talented Jamie of Jamie Kempen Photography and Kirsten of Kirsten Peterson Photography to be my company while waiting for the big moment. We arrived early, got a few drinks and hung out in the corner waiting for Jordan and Jessie to arrive. After several “Shhhhhh I think this is them” and then it wasn’t, Jordan and Jessie finally arrived and sat promptly at their table.

Everything went off without a hitch. Jordan texted to make sure I was ready, then he played their song and asked Jessie to dance. I got a little nervous because I heard Jessie initially reject Jordan’s request for a dance because, well, it’s early on a Wednesday evening and no one else was dancing. Even with her hesitations about being the only ones on the dance floor, Jessie and Jordan began dancing to their song and not shortly after Jordan got down on one knee to propose to Jessie. The look on her face is seriously priceless when Jordan got down on one knee. Jessie obviously said yes and after a few moments of celebration, Jordan clued Jessie in that I was hiding in the corner documenting their entire proposal! Jessie and Jordan were both elated.

We took a few photos to remember the evening in and around the bar and after a little down time we headed out into the brisk air to take some engagement photos! We even got some snow to cooperate for a few images! The City Deck made for the perfect backdrop.

All three of us were elated to see that Hagemeiester had their fire going, so we stopped by to warm up. After we walked up to the Main St. Bridge before ending our evening where it all started, Ned Kelly’s.

Congrats Jordan & Jessie I am so very much looking forward to your Lambeau Wedding.

2019 Mini Session Schedule

Green Bay Mini Sessions:

  • Fall Mini Sessions: October 13th

  • Rustic Cabin Mini Sessions October 27th

  • Holiday Box Sessions: November 24th

  • Holiday Studio Mini Sessions: December 7th

Plymouth, Wisconsin Area Mini Sessions TBD

Steve & Deb | A Halloween Wedding at Terror on the Fox


I thought it was a fitting time to share with you my first ever Halloween wedding. It’s funny to think back to my first conversations with Steve. I’m fairly certain he said something along the lines of ‘I’m not sure if you’d be interested in this type of thing.’ Little did Steve know, at the time, exactly how excited I was! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traditional weddings, I love the luxury, the fancy, the pretty, the white dress, black tuxedo, but I’m a sucker for different. Especially when it means so much to the couple. I am the biggest believer of you do you for your wedding day. Thankfully it is the 21st century and weddings are customizable to your little heart’s desire. I say you get to do what you want on your wedding day, and that is exactly what Steve and Deb did. To them Halloween is a bigger holiday than even Christmas. Yes, you read that correctly.


After our initial consult Deb, Steve, and I began the planning for their wedding photos. I loved every piece of detail they put into their wedding day. We planned out which photos would be taken before and after their face painting and down to every last detail photography wise. We curated their list of family portraits so no one would be forgotten and even planned out some of more fun shots. Deb and Steve basically gave me creative freedom when it came to lighting their after dark photos with the Terror on the Fox Haunted House and the actors. I’m not going to lie it was fun to play, and I honestly didn’t want to stop.


Haunt by Misty Keasler served perfectly as their guest book. Guests signed the pages of the book with their well wishes and names. A very fitting keepsake for their wedding.


We began their wedding day with their Bride and Groom portraits prior to having their skeleton makeup applied. After their portraits we went through the haunted house to the makeup trailer, where Steve and Deb got half their faces painted like a skeleton and shortly after it was time for the ceremony. The ceremony was short, sweet, and simple. Steve and Debbie got married surrounded by their closest friends and family…and a news crew. LOL! A crew from Channel 5 news in Green Bay was there to film the entire thing! Click here if you want to see the video from the news story.


After the ceremony we finished up Steve & Debbie’s family portraits with and without the haunted house actors.


Then it was time to finish up their Bride and Groom portraits, which only got more fun as the sun went down and the lights of the haunted house came on, complete with the iconic haunted house music.


10/10 I would definitely photograph another wedding at Terror on the Fox. Their crew was so helpful and definitely willing to step in to pose for photos and for a lighting nerd like myself it was a dream. So many colors and architectural aspects to work with. I had a blast and am so blessed Steve & Deb chose me to document their wedding day. <3

Sarah & Aaron | Paine Art Center & Garden OshkoshWedding

The couples favorite moment(s):
Sarah's favorite moment from the day was walking down the rose path to see Aaron for the first time. Their first look was also Aaron's favorite moment from the day.  


Surprises for each other:
Sarah and Aaron didn't necessarily exchange any surprises or gifts with each other.  


If Sarah & Aaron could relive just five minutes of their wedding day over and over what five minutes would that be and why?
Both Sarah and Aaron agreed that their private first look was their favorite part of the day that they could relive over and over again.  She said she didn't have to worry about anything else.  


When I first met Sarah I was drawn to her unique ideas and plans for the wedding.  She had visions of a simple wedding followed by a larger celebration sometime in the future.   I personally love intimate affairs so my interest in Sarah & Aaron's wedding was immediately peaked.  After a brief chat at the wedding show Sarah sent me an email to set up their consult.  During our Facetime consult we chatted more about their specific wedding plans and ideas for their wedding photos and portraits.  After going over timeline and ideas for their engagement session I knew we were going to be a great fit, I was so excited to document their engagement and wedding.  


The day of the wedding I arrived and got straight to work photographing the gorgeous ceremony venue, Paine Art Center & Garden, such a beautiful setting no matter which direction you turn there is always something photo worthy.  


Sarah and her girls were putting on their final details so I promptly got to work photographing Aaron and his groomsmen and all of the details of their ensembles.  I just love the Navy suits and rose quartz accents.  


As Aaron was getting set for their first look I utilized the gorgeous natural light to photograph Sarah and all her details.  I can't get over the classic elegance of her wedding dress, the low cut back adds just enough modern flair.  


The hedges along the Rose Garden provided the perfect location for Sarah & Aaron's first look.   The long gorgeous lines of the hedges made for the most gorgeous and dramatic lead up to their first look.  Don't you agree?  Sarah and Aaron exchanged letters and were allowed a private moment between the two of them.  I just couldn't help myself, they are so naturally adorable with their interactions I crept through the gate for some unposed images photographed from afar.  


The ceremony was simple, twenty-eight guests total to witness their union in front of the Rose Garden.  Their closest friends and family to celebrate their marriage.  

wedding party

See what I mean?  These two needed very little posing.  They are so cute, I can't even handle it no prompting needed.  


We managed to get a few family portraits completed before the rain started in.  Fortunately the Paint Art Center & Garden lacks no shortage of adorable photo ops so we headed to the Morning Terrace to finish family portraits and begin the wedding party photos.  


These bouquets!  I'm literally obsessed they are so gorgeous!  


Thankfully the rain let up enough to allow us to finish up Sarah & Aaron's bride and groom portraits.  So beautiful!  


Maria | Green Bay, WI Twin Maternity Session


Sometimes you get lucky and marry into family that is absolutely a joy.  Maria is my cousin in law, haha is that a thing?  She's my husbands cousin, so either way.  Maria is someone that is always a pleasure to be around. She's fun, kind, silly, and always has a smile on her face. In fact, it was nearly impossible to force her to do any serious faces.  Which is totally okay because the attempt usually ended in super adorable giggling photos as you can see in some of the iamges below.   I was so excited when she asked me about doing the twin's newborn session that I basically convinced her we were doing a maternity session as well.  And yes, you read that correctly there are twins in that adorable little belly! I'm pretty sure I was that big and I just had one haha.  Maria wasn't quite sure she wanted or needed maternity photos, I mean I get it, it's not for everyone.  Ultimately it worked out that Maria and her husband Peter were driving through Green Bay on an evening I just so happen to be available so we did a quick mini session.  I think it's safe to say that both Maria and Peter had a great time during their session and have been super excited to FINALLY see their maternity photos.  Thank you to Maria and Peter for choosing me to document this very exciting time in your lives, I had just as much fun as you did creating these images for you.  Your babies are so very lucky to you have you both as your parents. 


Fusion Video | Coming Soon!

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag, no literally my cat just ran out of a paper bag, I might as well share here. Back in 2013 I dabbled in videography, but I wasn't as good as I thought I was going to be so I gave up on it for a little while. Being surrounded by crazy talented videographers, many of which I call my friends, I've always enjoyed watching their videos. SO much talent. Last year I did some second shooting for video and I fell in love with video again. Over the last few months I've been playing around with video and am now starting to offer fusion video, which is a fancy way of saying I mix photos and video together set to music to make a video. While I do not have intentions of becoming a wedding videographer I do look forward to offering fusion video for several types of sessions: lifestyle, special events like prom, branding/promotional videos, engagement and births.

Here is my first *official* fusion video. With the CRAZY blizzard messing up prom schedules I was asked to document Kaiya's prom photos. Her mom, one of my best friends and a crazy talented wedding photographer herself, had to photograph a wedding on the rescheduled prom date. I had so much fun creating this, I hope you enjoy it too.

The Photographer/DJ Relationship – Why it matters when choosing your Wedding Pro Team | A Guest Blog by

The Photographer/DJ Relationship – Why it matters when choosing your Wedding Pro Team


Let me start out by saying that I get it.  Planning a wedding is not easy.  You’re expected to hire, arrange, and coordinate several different services that you’ve likely never had to hire before, and don’t even know the first questions to ask when vetting the different professionals you find.


Often times the first question one thinks of is, “How much do you charge/What is your rate?”  That’s a perfectly acceptable question, and one that has to be answered at some point, but I’m going to give you something to consider today that will help alleviate the stress associated with finding your Wedding Pros, and we’re going to focus on the two most important professionals you will hire – your entertainment, and your documentarian.  In most cases that’s your DJ & Photographer.


Why are they the most important professionals you will hire?  One is responsible for crafting the experience that will greatly impact the memories you carry with you for the occasion, and the other will vividly document those memories so you can see, in detail, what that day looked like to help jog those memories.  The memories, and the commitment you made on your wedding day are the two most valuable things you will have after the day is done, and no one I know ever wants to have mediocre or stressful memories on that day, and they don’t want their documentarian to miss anything either.  This is what leads to the importance of the Photographer/DJ relationship.


These two professionals work as a team very closely to achieve the result described above.  Therefore, coordination between them is key.  SoundFire DJ, my company, has received high praise, and a solid reputation among the photography community for two major reasons:  


  1. We communicate before, and during, an event to make sure we are coordinated.
  2. We don’t get in the way of each other’s work.


The benefit of line 1 is that it makes for a smoother event, pictures are not missed at key moments, and it takes that burden of coordination off of the couple so that they have less to stress about.  One of the goals we hold high at SoundFire DJ is we want our couples to be able to enjoy their wedding without having to run their wedding.  That’s why we offer coordination between their hired professionals, and act as a central hub for communication during their event.  


Line 2 is important for a very simple reason – you want the person with the strongest skills completing the right tasks.  You likely didn’t hire your DJ to be a photographer, and you didn’t hire your photographer to lead the reception and rock the party.  We have heard the gripes of photographers who have worked with other DJs that are running around with a camera.  Even if the DJ is saying they do this free, and give all the photos to the couple, it doesn’t give the couple added value because they have, more than likely, got in the way of the qualified professional that the couple hired to document their event with pictures.  


So, how do you make sure that your photography/DJ team is going to run smoothly?  This all boils down to who you’ve selected, and if they are actual professionals or hobbyists.  Ask your pros if they’ve worked together before, or when you’ve chosen your DJ ask who they recommend for photographers (or vice versa).  Since your DJ is largely responsible for working with you to create the timeline for the reception, ask your DJ how they will work with the other professionals you have hired.  Do they communicate with them before the wedding?  I’ve had lots of photographers tell us here at SoundFire DJ that they’ve never been contacted prior to the day of an event by a DJ, and we have heard overwhelmingly how much photographers appreciate being able to review the timeline and coordination of services in advance.  


Simply put, hire competent, proactive professionals that you feel you can trust with the success of your event who will work well together.  Anything less is a waste of your time, money, and memories.


Lastly, I’m going to leave you with a radical idea – do you want to really make life easier when wedding planning?  Hire your DJ & Photographer first – before you have a venue.  Want to know why?  That’s for another article.  To see more wedding pro tips, visit our website at, and look for our “Wedding Pro Tips” blog under our “Weddings” category.  Thanks for reading, and thank you to Kristin Reuter Photography for inviting us to contribute to her blog!


At your service,


Alton Olson

SoundFire DJ


Kristy's Best Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping | Green Bay, WI Wedding Photographer

BUDGET- Everyone has a budget, there are many things to consider when setting your budget for your wedding dress.  When you purchase a wedding dress you're not just going to be paying the price you see on the tag, there are many other things that you'll need to purchase to accompany your dress.  Shoes, you're going to need shoes, lingerie (yeah!), a veil (are you going to wear a veil?), and jewelry. Now let's not forget the cost of alterations, sales tax, and possibly shipping costs. Once you've taken all of these things in mind you can set your budget for your dress.  When you arrive to try on dresses you can let the attendant know your budget.  He or she will bring you dresses from within your budget, that way you don't waste time trying on dresses that will not work for you. 

TIMING- Do not wait until the last minute, no one needs the added stress of wondering if you're going to get your dress in time for alterations/the wedding.  Some dresses take upwards of 9-12 months for a custom dress.  Especially if it has lots of little embellishments on it.  Remember alterations take time as well.  

COLOR- While tradition states the wedding dress should be white, a pure white dress is seldom a great idea for most brides.  A pure white dress had a tendency to wash out certain skin tones.  Not only is it going to wash out your skin, pure white dresses do not photograph well.  They easily wash out and have a tendency to look blue, even when photographed properly.  If you want something that is going to flatter your skin I would go with an off-white, champagne, rum white, ivory, or other similar non-pure-white dress.  These colors are going to photograph phenomenally and they will make your skin look great.  If you're looking for something a little more on the contemporary side go ahead and check out a light gold dress or a blush pink!  Here are some examples: a light gold by Morileea blush pink by Maggie Sottero, and a blush by Maggie Sottero.

A FEW LITTLE THINGS- Keep in mind some churches have their own dress codes.  If your church has restrictions against exposed shoulders you may need to purchase removable straps or a shawl to comply with any dress codes.  Another little piece of advice is to call ahead, many bridal boutiques require you to call ahead to schedule an appointment to try on gowns. Also, weekday appointments are a lot more laid back since the stores are less busy than weekends.  When you go to your appointment you're going to want to bring along your shoes and your lingerie to ensure the right fit! 

KEEP AN OPEN MIND- Definitely go in with an idea of the type of wedding gown you envison for yourself.  However, if the salesperson brings out a dress that initially may not be your thing, try it anyway.  When I was shopping for my wedding dress I thought I knew what I wanted, the salesperson brought out dresses that fit everything I was describing.  She also brought out a dress that was a different style, a different material, and different color that I was initially looking for.  She brought me this gorgeous (I didn't think so at the time) A-line ivory dress (I was looking for off-white) with a train (I did not want a train at all).  I reluctantly put it on, and knew it was the one!  Mostly....I did chop majority of the train off! haha, I'm pretty sure the salesperson nearly fainted when I told her I was going to have it cut off.  

TRUST YOUR GUT- If it didn't give you the "it's the one" type of feeling, keep looking! You will know.  Ask the salesperson when they get new gowns in or try another boutique.  

YOUR CREW- Are you going to bring your girls? Mom? Soon-to-be Mother-in-law?  I think this one is different for everyone, but here are some things to consider: do you want other's opinions? Is there anyone's opinion you don't want to consider in making your decision? 

I hope these helped you! If I left anything out please feel free to comment below! Cheers!

To First Look, or Not to First Look? | Green Bay Wedding Photographer

Ten things to consider if you're on the fence about doing a First Look on your wedding day.


1: Get Married- All celebrations after no "photo sessions" after, at least much less. The first look allows you to complete all of your family portraits as well as the wedding the photos with the wedding party before the ceremony.  After just enjoy celebrating your marriage!  Many couples choose to travel to a second location for some additional photos but having the family portraits and wedding party photos done before drastically cuts down on the time needed for photos after the ceremony.  

2: Reduce your nerves.  My husband is my person, he is the one I want to cuddle up with when I'm nervous, scared, happy etc.  I want to be near him. He can calm my nerves down better than anyone else.  There are a lot of nerves on the wedding day, which is totally normal, and many couples find that by seeing their future spouse calms any fears and nerves.  

3: Bride and groom get to enjoy their cocktail hour.  Since you're able to get the majority of your photos done before the ceremony, couples who do a first look have time on their wedding day to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests.  

4: Get family formals done and out of the way- family can let loose.  

5: No need to round up the wedding party after the ceremony- they can get the party started

6: Intimate moments shared between just you two when you see each other for the first time. 

7: Children are usually "done" and "over it" after the ceremony.  Think nap time, snack time, etc, the last thing they want to be doing is posing for portraits.  By doing the family portraits before the ceremony we have happier and usually smiling littles.  I know this was the case for my brother's wedding. By the time the ceremony was completed my 1.5 year old and 3.5 year old were just done, even though they had a nap, by the time the late afternoon ceremony was done they were only cooperative for short periods of time.  They were sick of sitting still and wanted to play, which is normal toddler behavior.  Had we done portraits before nap time, we would have had a better shot a cooperation.  

8: Elderly can relax, take a nap, eat a snack, or whatever your grandparents are into.  It is extremely important to include your grandparents in your formal portraits on the wedding day.  The first look allows you to complete these portraits before the ceremony so that after your grandparents are free to do whatever it is they need to do.  It gets to be a long day for some of them and rest is needed.  They won't have to worry about hanging out after the ceremony.   

9: The couple is always less stressed. In fact, I’ve never had a couple regret doing a first look, however, about half of my non-first look couples mention at their wedding image reveal that they wish they would have done the first look

10:  Less downtime between the ceremony and cocktail hour/dinner. Your guests won’t need to worry about filling 4-5 hours until the reception begins. 

Sean & Kwincie | Engagement at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin

Venue: The American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin


How did they meet?

"We met in high school, through my brother at the beginning of my sophomore year and his junior year."



The Proposal:

"Sean had asked me to be his girlfriend in high school when we had gone on a walk on this cute little path in Plymouth. 7 years later he got off of work early (in reality he had taken the day off to pick up the ring) and we had plans to go to dinner with some friends. We had some time before the dinner so he asked if I wanted to go for a drive. So we drove to Plymouth where he took me to the little path and shortly after we started walking I turned around and he was on one knee."



Three things Kwincie loves about Sean:

"He is always there for me, he works so hard to provide for us (currently he is out of town 6 days a week) and he always gives me the best advice to get me through."



Three things Sean loves about Kwincie:

"Her smile, her confidence and that she puts everything she has into something that she’s passionate about."



Their favorite things to do together:

"Go to the races, work on his truck and take motorcycle rides."



Favorite foods/drinks?

"We love pizza and going to supper clubs to eat. We also love whiskey...especially in old fashions."


Favorite TV shows or movies:

"We don’t watch a ton of tv or movies, but Game of Thrones is our most recent addiction. We usually watch comedy movies."



Favorite date night activity:

"Going to dinner at a new restaurant, we love to take drives out of town to go eat somewhere new. Especially in summer on a motorcycle."


Fun fact about the couple:

"Sean was my first and only boyfriend, I wouldn’t change that for the world."


The Wedding Show- The Winter Edition at the Resch Center Shopko Hall Brown County Arena

The Wedding Show - Winter Edition

Area's largest Wedding Show January 19th & 20th, 2018

Green Bay- Northeast Wisconsin's largest and most prestigious wedding show is two buildings big in Shopko Hall and Brown County Arnea on January 19th and 20th.  The Wedding Show- Winter Edition is produced by PMI Entertainment Group. Prospective brides, grooms, and anyone interested in weddings will find everything they need to plan and prepare for a wedding with more than 180 exhibitors in two buildings!

The show offers the latest in photography, DJs, decorations, and accessories.  There's no guesswork in desserts because you get to taste scrumptious wedding cakes and trendy bakery items.  You'll see an array of floral bouquets to choose from and hear a variety of music options to entertain your guests.  

All attendees who purchase advance tickets by noon on Thursday, January 18th can register to win hourly door prizes and a pair of designer shoes worth up to $700!  The winning name drawn for the shoes must be present on Friday, January 19th at 7:30 pm to claim the prize.

Grooms can relax and check out the classic car in the Groom's Lounge sponsored by the Automobile Gallery.

Friday night is the bride's Cake Dive.  Attendees can register on-site for a chance to participate in the cake dive and win great prizes.  Bridal makeovers will also be offered on Friday by Paul Mitchel The School.

Saturday features fashion shows at 11 am and 1 pm where brides will showcase beautiful dresses and modern bridal party needs.

What: The Wedding Show

When: Friday, January 19th, 5 pm-9pm. Cake Dive at 8 pm.

            Saturday, January 20th, 9 am-3 pm. Fashion shows at 11 am and 1 pm.

Where: Shopko Hall & Brown County Arena, 1901 South Oneida Street, Green Bay

Tickets: Save $2 on advance tickets ($8 advance) available at the Resch Center box office or online at until January 18th.  Admission is $10 at the door.  A weekend pass is available for $12 in advance or $15 at the door for those who want to attend both days! 


Alisha & Tanya | Wedding Day Sneak Peek

I'm trying something new!  Sneak peeks via my website, more specifically my blog.  Seem liked a great idea to switch it up a little.  

Alisha and Tanya were married this past Sunday, October 1st, 2017.  It was a perfect day, with gorgeous weather.  Katie, my second shooter, and I started our day at the reception venue, Back Stage at the Meyer photographing details of the cake and gorgeous centerpieces, more on those later.  After we headed to the ladies' air bnb to take some getting ready photos.   Lots of candid laughter and overall the house had a sense of calm.  For the most part ;) :) We finished up our details and I left for Sepia Wedding Chapel with Tanya while Katie finished up with Alisha and her bridal party.  After a sweet firstlook we began formals followed by some down time for everyone before the cremony.  


After the ceremony, we finished up formals and spent some time focusing on portraits of the new Mrs. & Mrs. followed by a little stroll on the City Deck.  Arriving at Backstage at the Meyer Alisha surprised Tanya with surprise on the marquee sign.  The reception went seamlessly, lots of laughter, dancing, good conversation were had by all.  I can't wait to work on the rest of their images and tell you more about their day.  It really was a perfect wedding day.  Congrats again ladies! Love wins!  <3

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day Photo

Have you experienced pregnancy or infant loss? You are not alone. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, join us for a group photo at sunset in honor and remembrance of our angel babies. This event is free, you only need to supply your own outfit. Mommies are to wear a dress of solid color. Any color of the rainbow, I will have a registration link posted soon so we can try to coordinate so we are not all in the same color. If you have a rainbow baby and feel compelled to bring your babe with you we will have the babes wear the same color as mom for the photo. 

Each participant will be provided with a link to a digital download of our photo(s) free of charge. 

Optional: we will have a jar for donations to various pregnancy and infant loss related charities. NILMDTS will be one and Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support will be the other. 


WHEN: OCTOBER 15th, 2017 at 5:00 PM

WHERE: He His Ra Park, Green Bay, WI

WHO: Anyone who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss please feel free to share this event 

For more information please join us on our facebook event[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22bookmarks%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmarks_menu%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22[]%22%7D%2C%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22calendar_tab_event%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22[]%22%7D]%2C%22ref%22%3A46%2C%22source%22%3A2%7D

A Working Mom's Guide to Traveling Internationally With Breastmilk

Sometimes when you're a working mom it becomes necessary to travel for work.  Heck, even if you're not a working mom it can be necessary to travel, can we say vaycay?  If you're a breastfeeding mom traveling without your babe OR if you're an exclusive pumper traveling with your babe here is some advice for getting through security with your breastmilk.    

My first nursling and I in 2015  Photo credit:  Jess Krcmar Photography

My first nursling and I in 2015

Photo credit: Jess Krcmar Photography


Flying Domestically:

  • Label your milk bags.  Date, time, and the number of ounces at the very least.  This will help speed up the process should your cooler need to be inspected.
  • I chose a soft sided cooler so I could fold it up while it wasn't in use.  You'll want to choose a cooler that conforms to the carry-on size restrictions.  Planes are quite small and other than by your feet and in the overhead compartment, there isn't anywhere to store your cooler.  It will need to fit in one of these two places.   
  • I brought along a handful of the gallon-sized freezer bags.  I used them to store the breastmilk bags.  It's easier to move one-gallon sized bag vs several 6-ounce bags of milk.  I could fit about 8 or 9  6-ounce bags in one gallon-sized freezer bag.  This was especially helpful during security when the TSA officer needed to check under my bags of milk.  I also used the gallon-sized freezer bags to fill with ice to keep liquid gold cool during the flight and travels to our destination.   If you need ice or if your ice has melted we had no problems stopping at one of the restaurants in the airport and asking to fill our bags with ice.  On our way to our destination, we stopped at the Starbucks in the Milwaukee General Mitchel International Airport and they gladly helped fill our bag with ice.  I chose to use freezer bags instead of regular bags because they are a little more sturdy, and I have not had any issues with the ice melting and leaking out of the freezer bags.  These are the ones I used, but I'm sure any gallon sized freezer bag would work.  
  • When you get to security place your cooler on the conveyer belt along with all of your other items.  If they choose to do further screening follow their instructions.  They may scan the milk or they may have you dip your finger and taste the milk yourself.  Then they will send you on your way.  You are allowed to carry an unrestricted amount of breastmilk on your flight, regardless of whether or not you are traveling with your baby.  I have no had an issue with any TSA Officers, a little spat with a flight attendant, but more on that later.  
  • IF needed you can bring your pump on as an additional carry-on.  It is technically considered a medical device so it can be brought on in additional to your carry-on and personal item.  This is the only time I have ever had any issues traveling as a breastfeeding mother.  Two years ago on my way home from WPPI, a Wedding and Portrait Photography Conference, in Las Vegas, I got through security no problem, but the flight attendant almost didn't let me on the plane because I had "three" carry-ons.  I calmly explained to her that my "third" was a breastpump which is a necessary medical device. Haha, this is where all my breastfeeding/pumping mama's are screaming "Hell ya it is!" and for those of you that are not, go ahead and google "engorgement" or "mastitis." Not cool!  The flight attendant was adamant that I could not carry it on.  I asked to speak to her supervisor who kindly cleared up the issue.  
Another of my first nursling from last year  photo credit:  Jess Krcmar Photography

Another of my first nursling from last year

photo credit: Jess Krcmar Photography

My second and most likely last nursling *cue mom sobs here* last fall&nbsp;  photo credit: Jess Krcmar Photography

My second and most likely last nursling *cue mom sobs here* last fall 

photo credit: Jess Krcmar Photography


Flying Internationally:

Flying internationally is a whole new set of rules and issues.  Each country has it's own separate rules and regulations.  You will want to research the rules for the country that you are traveling to.  I was traveling from the US to the Cancun, Mexico specifically.  When ressearching Mexico's rules and regulations for traveling with breastmilk I found that they do have some similar rules and one that is not so similar.  A mother can travel with unrestricted amounts of breastmilk, but only while traveling WITH their baby.  Unfortunately, when traveling for work or going on vacation without your baby, this is a big problem.  To pump all that milk and have to dump it seems like such a shame, and not only that, but some moms barely make enough milk.  That milk is needed.  

Once I learned of this unfortunate rule, I set off to travel blogs and forums to see if anyone has been able to get around this rule as I was not traveling to Mexico with my baby.  Here are some ideas and tips that I used that allowed me to bring five days worth of breastmilk back to the United States from Mexico.  

  • Firstly, follow all the tips I listed for flying domestically with breastmilk. 
  • Prior to your trip print off a copy of the TSA rules for traveling with breastmilk. You can find them here.  When you pass through security there is a chance if you show them the TSA rules they will allow you through.  
  • Choose a line with female security officers.  I read this on several forums and I am the last person to be sexist and I hated thinking this way, but if it was going to allow me to bring my milk back I was going to try it.  
  • They WILL ask you where your baby is.  You will need to explain that your baby is in the United States and that your baby is small, so he/she needs this milk.   Fortunately enough for me, I speak some Spanish, I actually did my student teaching in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, so I was able to converse with the security agent in Spanish.  If you do not speak Spanish you may want to ask to speak with a security officer that can speak English if you are having troubles communicating with the security officer in your line.  Try, do your best, and stay calm.  

Here is how my experience went: I followed all the guidelines above.  I packaged my milk in the gallon sized freezer bags and used a gallon sized freezer bag to fill with ice prior to leaving our hotel.  When we got to security I put all my items through the security scanner.  The security officer set my bag aside for additional screening.  The officer asked me to open the cooler and had me show her under and between the gallon sized bags of milk, and under my ice bag.  She did ask me where my baby was.  I calmly explained he was in the United States and that is was very small and needed this milk.  She called over her supervisor to asked for my boarding pass.  The supervisor took my boarding pass, I still have no idea where she took it.  The supervisor came back with my boarding pass with a signature on it and sent us on our way!  It was that simple! I didn't even need to show them my copy of the TSA rules.  Again I may have had an easier time because this whole exchange did happen in Spanish, it may be a little more difficult if there is a language barrier.  


****I should note that there is no guarantee you will be able to bring your breastmilk home with you from Mexico, I got lucky.  I would hope if you follow my tips that you too would be able to bring your milk back, but I cannot guarantee it.  ****

Nursling no. 1 with max as a baby bump!&nbsp;&nbsp;  Photo credit:  Jess Krcmar Photography

Nursling no. 1 with max as a baby bump!  

Photo credit: Jess Krcmar Photography

ISO Assistant/Second Shooter


Are you friendly, hard-working, have a dazzling personality, creative, with basic camera and photo editing knowledge? I'm looking for a new assistant. Some tasks include photo editing, answering emails, and second shooting!

Candidates should be self-motivated, hard-working, organized, fun, friendly, have basic photography skills, basic photo editing skills, and willing to learn. Regardless of skill level extensive editing and shooting training will be provided.

This is a part-time position with very flexible hours; must be available Saturdays (weddings, hello!).

If this sounds like something you might be interested in please send me an email with your skills and a little about you and why you think you would be a perfect fit to be my new personal assistant/second shooter.

I am very excited to hear from you!

Peace and love,


Kristin Reuter Photography Blog Archive

Maddie | 3 Months | Green Bay Boutique Photography Studio

Baby Maddie came into the new studio for her 3 Month Milestone Session of her Watch Me Grow Plan.  Even though she was pretty sassy at her newborn session and did not want me to pose her despite sleeping nearly the entire time, she was the perfect little model for her Milestone Session.  We got several smiles and she showed me all her new tricks!  She is a tummy time expert now.  I cannot wait for her 6 Month Milestone Session to document all her new skills.  Remember, Maddie, no walking, save that for the 9 Month or 1 Year Session.  ;) 

Holiday Mini Sessions- Samantha | Green Bay Baby Photographer

Miss Samantha visited me in the studio for her Holiday Mini Session!  As always she was cheerful and we had a blast creating memories that will surely last a lifetime.  

Mom and dad came for some family portraits as well! &nbsp;I seriously adore this little family and enjoy our time spent together in the studio! &nbsp; Speaking of studio I am super excited to have my new backdrop stand hung high enough that I don't need to photoshop backdrop over dad's head! haha He's tall! &nbsp;

Mom and dad came for some family portraits as well!  I seriously adore this little family and enjoy our time spent together in the studio!   Speaking of studio I am super excited to have my new backdrop stand hung high enough that I don't need to photoshop backdrop over dad's head! haha He's tall!  

Santa showed up for some Christmas Magic as well! If you're curious where Santa is currently click  here .&nbsp;

Santa showed up for some Christmas Magic as well! If you're curious where Santa is currently click here

Archer | 9 Months

Archer came to the studio for his 9-month milestone session!  This lil guy LOVES to move and is already s

I love you fishy!

I love you fishy!

Sitting didn't last long, it quickly turned into crawling towards the camera! &nbsp;I had to be quick, or at least act goofy enough to strike his interest long enough that I could snap off a few images. I can only imagine what his One Year Cake Smash Session will be like. Ha

Sitting didn't last long, it quickly turned into crawling towards the camera!  I had to be quick, or at least act goofy enough to strike his interest long enough that I could snap off a few images. I can only imagine what his One Year Cake Smash Session will be like. Ha

Those brown eyes! &nbsp;&lt;3

Those brown eyes!  <3

Tis the season! We finished Archer's session with a few holiday photos!  We tried getting him to sleep in Santa's lap, but without fail every time he closed his eyes and heard the snap of my camera he woke up smiling.  It was hilarious.  Gosh, I feel like this last year went fast!  From taking his mommy and daddy's pregnancy announcment photos to maternity photos to captureing his first year to now planning his cake smash theme.  

Holiday Mini Sessions 2016

Holiday Mini Sessions! It has been four years since I've offered Holiday Mini Sessions so I expect them to fill fast! Contact me ASAP to reserve your spot.

Holiday Mini Sessions:
-December 4th
-Location: The ALL NEW Kristin Reuter Photography LLC Studio in Howard, WI
-3 PERSON MAX, additional session will need to be purchased to accommodate larger groups
-5 EDITED IMAGES via digital download with print release
-Choice of these four backdrops available and a bonus family sized rustic chic set!  Think old ladder bench decored with white pines!  I am so excited for this one!
-Foil printed Holiday Cards available for purchase

Secure your spot before they're gone!