Shutterfest 2020 Speaker Announcement


Hey for those who don’t know, my name is Kristy and I am beyond excited to share with you that I will be speaking at Shutterfest in St. Louis, Missouri! I got the news while I was shopping in Target → because of all places everything great happens at Target right? And I am SO STOKED and HONORED!

What is Shutterfest?

Shoot. Learn. Party. That’s the mantra at Sutterfest! It is one big family and all about community for everyone who loves photography and wants what’s best for the industry. It’s not about rock star mentality, it’s about growing as an artist and being around like-minded people who share the same love and passion you do. Shutterfest is an intimate setting where you can network with peers and work side-by-side with some of the leading professional photographers and educators in the world!

2 days of hands-on classes

Learn from over 70 top photography educators

200+ unique classes

ST. LOUIS, MO| APRIL 14-15, 2020

Want to Come With Me?

Today is the last day for early registration at this low of a price. After today the price is going up! I hope can’t wait to see you at Shutterfest, there is so much Shoot. Learn. Party. in store I can’t even deal. Click the button below to register!