Back to School Sessions - Sponsor a Local Teacher


As a former teacher, I know how hard it can be for teachers to get the supplies they need for their classroom. This year I have decided to sponsor FIVE local teachers and my good friend Katie with Katie Lynn Photography has also decided to join in on the fun and donate her time to sponsor FIVE teachers as well. In total we will be sponsoring TEN, yes that's right TEN local teachers and we couldn’t be more excited!

Each session will cost $250.00. Which will include the session time of 20 minutes and the digital files from your session. Each teacher will receive $200 to use for their classroom. Additionally, 25% of any print or product sales will also be donated back to the teachers. They may choose to utilize it for their classroom or they may choose to donate it to a teacher of their choice. 


Mini Sessions

Sunday, August 11th, 2019


20 Minutes per session

Session Location is TBD, but will be within 10 minutes of Green Bay. 


The teachers have been chosen and their short bios will be posted throughout Kristin Reuter Photography social media to explain how each teacher plans to use their donation for their classrooms! You guys → there were so many AMAZING applications, I really wish we could have sponsored all of the teachers. It is our hope to make this a successful event so that we can host this once or twice a year to allow us to help more teachers do what they do best. Make sure to schedule your session TODAY by clicking the button below!

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