Jordan & Jessie | Proposal at Ned Kelly's

A very secret mission that involved the help of a few of my photographer friends.

Jordan contacted me with his idea to surprise Jessie, by proposing at the very spot of their first date: Ned Kelly’s. They even sat at the VERY table they had their first date. The fun part? He didn’t want Jessie to know it was happen OR that I was there to photograph it all. It was planned for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Jordan and Jessie would arrive, hang out for a little bit. Then Jordan would sneak off to the “restroom” to send me a text to confirm I was setup and ready to go. He would then go back, play their song, and ask Jessie to dance with him and that is where he would get down on one knee to ask her to marry him!

Well it being early in the evening on a Wednesday, I knew the bar wouldn’t be that full and I really wanted to blend in so I enrolled the help of a few of my photographer friends the crazy talented Jamie of Jamie Kempen Photography and Kirsten of Kirsten Peterson Photography to be my company while waiting for the big moment. We arrived early, got a few drinks and hung out in the corner waiting for Jordan and Jessie to arrive. After several “Shhhhhh I think this is them” and then it wasn’t, Jordan and Jessie finally arrived and sat promptly at their table.

Everything went off without a hitch. Jordan texted to make sure I was ready, then he played their song and asked Jessie to dance. I got a little nervous because I heard Jessie initially reject Jordan’s request for a dance because, well, it’s early on a Wednesday evening and no one else was dancing. Even with her hesitations about being the only ones on the dance floor, Jessie and Jordan began dancing to their song and not shortly after Jordan got down on one knee to propose to Jessie. The look on her face is seriously priceless when Jordan got down on one knee. Jessie obviously said yes and after a few moments of celebration, Jordan clued Jessie in that I was hiding in the corner documenting their entire proposal! Jessie and Jordan were both elated.

We took a few photos to remember the evening in and around the bar and after a little down time we headed out into the brisk air to take some engagement photos! We even got some snow to cooperate for a few images! The City Deck made for the perfect backdrop.

All three of us were elated to see that Hagemeiester had their fire going, so we stopped by to warm up. After we walked up to the Main St. Bridge before ending our evening where it all started, Ned Kelly’s.

Congrats Jordan & Jessie I am so very much looking forward to your Lambeau Wedding.