Are you new to using flash?  Maybe one session or wedding you nail the shot and the next not-so-much, but have no idea why? Let's clear that up!  This workshop is perfect for the beginner or the seasoned photographer looking to gain a better working understanding of using flash. Heck maybe you're a hobbyist that is looking to improve your ability to use flash to capture memories at home.   In this four hour workshop join me as I teach you my basic go-to settings when I walk into a reception hall, how to balance your ambient light with your flash, and some basic light manipulation skills. Hey! I'll even explain what the heck ambient light means! We will begin with some general instruction, followed by a brief Q&A,  then we will have you take your cameras out and get to the hands on learning portion, lastly we will end our time together with a final Q&A session.  

This workshop has limited spaces available in order to keep the class size small enough to ensure I can answer everyone's questions!  $100 is due to book your seat and the remainder is due December 1st.  Early bird pricing runs through November 15th, 2017 for $325, reserve your seat before November 15th to receive this discounted tuition.  


-Own your own DSLR and speedlight


Already mastered on camera flash? Feel you're beyond that beginner flash stage?  Don't fret! I have a workshop scheduled for April 8th, 2018 just for you! We will go over off camera flash, light painting, light manipulation and other advanced lighting techniques.